Disco-Antistat BiDest, 1 litre

Disco-Antistat BiDest, 1 litre
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  • SW1302001
- NEW - High purity special water for record cleaning - NEW - Disco-Antistat BiDes t 1... more
Product information "Disco-Antistat BiDest, 1 litre"

- NEW - High purity special water for record cleaning - NEW -

Disco-Antistat BiDest

  • 1 litre bidistilled water, chemically pure, demineralised
  • For the production of approx. 1 litre of cleaning liquid for records (in a ratio of 1:25, e.g. with Disco-Antistat Ultraclean)
  • Suitable for all record washers!
  • According to VDE 0510, DIN EN 285, ISO 3696 (II) and DIN 43530

Disco-Antistat BiDest is a high-purity special water, such as is used in laboratories or cosmetics. All dissolved substances have been removed from the water by means of complex physical processes, which means that it is pure H2O, in contrast to the water available in DIY stores, for example. Therefore, it is ideally suited for all applications where purest water is required. For an optimal cleaning result with our Disco-Antistat Ultraclean concentrate, we therefore recommend the use of Disco-Antistat BiDest for the preparation of the cleaning liquid. Of course, Disco-Antistat BiDest is also suitable for a variety of other applications.

Disco-Antistat BiDest is suitable for use with all record washers!

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